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ABC's 1982 album The Lexicon of Love

ABC’s 1982 album The Lexicon of Love

The more you know Chicago, the more you see it popping up in places you might not expect.  We’ve seen it in a dozen video games, countless car commercials, movies with grasshoppers destroying the city to robots destroying the city, and now this…

A reader e-mailed us a picture of this record album by the 1980’s British group ABC that she recently picked up at Reckless Records.  Apparently the sleeve is what you’d expect from the new wave band’s 1982 debut album.  But the record label features not Sheffield, England, but a group of Chicago landmarks displaced into a faux skyline family photo.

Left to right, it’s Marina City (300 North State Street), 330 North Wabash, the Old Chicago Water Tower (806 North Michigan Avenue), the InterContinental Chicago (505 North Michigan Avenue), Tribune Tower (435 North Michigan Avenue), and the John Hancock Center (875 North Michigan Avenue), with a miniaturized Wrigley Building (401 North Michigan Avenue) at its base.  You can also see the reflections of the Kemper Building (1 East Wacker Drive), and 35 East Wacker.

So what makes this band so fascinated with Chicago that it would include our fair city so prominently on its seminal effort?  Our digging hasn’t turned up anything.  The publishing company is clearly out of New York, not Chicago.  So if you have any thoughts, please share them below, or on our discussion forum.

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