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The Skinny on 73 East Lake

73 East Lake Street under construction

The ever-so-skinny residential tower wedged into the former site of an Enterprise Rent-a-Car garage at 73 East Lake Street is starting to look really slick.

The glass facade is quickly spreading up the tower’s narrow shaft as it climbs higher into The Loop skyline.

Of course, the photo above was taken from ground-level. Loop Spy Daniel sent along an updated photograph of the construction progress from the sky.You can really see how the narrow building is wedged between the Lake-Michigan Building (180 North Michigan Avenue) and the MDA City Apartments (63 East Lake Street).

73 East Lake Street under construction. Photograph from Loop Spy Daniel.

73 East Lake Street under construction. Photograph from Loop Spy Daniel.

Loop Spy Daniel tell us:

Today they are pouring some of the support columns before they pour the floor–that in itself is unusual–and the few support columns they are pouring have taller forms around them, while the ones they are not pouring (due to a lack of tall forms?) have rebar sticking out of the top. Also if you look at the elevator corridor, there are door openings at floor level, but then there is nothing but concrete above them. I think this floor is going to have high ceilings. By my estimate, the top of the building will rise to just about the base of the elevator operator’s cab, so maybe the top two floors have high ceilings.

We will see in the days to come, but I think the building is about to top-out, and the band of windows continues to grow upward. They put the hardware on for the windows from the outside using a man lift that extends out from inside the building, but the windows themselves are set in place by workers who do all their work from inside. It is interesting to watch.

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