Brooklyn Vintage Shop Pops Up in Chicago

Left to right: Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke

Left to right: Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke


Let’s say you’re designing an interior space and the client wants whimsy.

Monkey eating grapes“Get me a ceramic monkey eating grapes!” the client demands. “And a clown lamp! But classy — not cheesy.”

Combining vintage and modern elements could be a tall order. You might scour the country, visiting flea markets, estate sales and auctions. It could take months.

Or, you could simply contact John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, the brains behind Brooklyn-based Madcap Cottage, Inc., a five-year-old firm specializing in vintage design components.

Loecke and Nixon also spent a good deal of time in Chicago, and they displayed some of their wares last weekend at the Randolph Street Market.

The Madcap Cottage team travel the U.S., and the world searching for unique objets d’art, so you don’t have to. They frequently update older pieces with modern upholstery to create a more colorful and modern look.

Loecke and Nixon advise homeowners to just have fun with the design process and not take things too seriously. Hence the emphasis on funky design elements. Oh, and if you do need a ceramic monkey or clown lamp, rest assured Madcap Cottage has the goods.

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Author: Bill Motchan

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