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Making Up AMLI River North

AMLI River North

AMLI River North

You know how a woman in a hurry will sometimes leave the house before her makeup is done?  That’s what happening now at AMLI River North (71 East Hubbard Street).

The 50-story building is open for business, but crews are still clinging to its side, painting its face.  The grey of the concrete is being painted over with a whiteish primer, and then with a final color of beige.  The building is painted beige because that color looks g… because it sends a message of… because… um… Maybe they had a coupon?


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  1. I couldn’t agree more that this beige is the cheapest looking color one could go with. AMLI should be ashamed of themselves for the disgrace this adds to the skyline. If I must say something nice, at least the building meets the street level nice.

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