Slice of Life: Where Eagles Stack

Details of the Ettleson Building

Three of many eagles stacked atop one another which adorn the doorways of the Ettleson Building (3837 North Broadway) in Lake View East.

23 stacked eagles currently mark the southern and eastern edges of this building’s facade, with a number of much larger birds, wings spread, holding up the cornice.  It appears that over the years a number of vertical ranks of eagles have been lost from the Harry Waterman-designed building.  It originally opened at the Hamilton State bank, and would later become the home of a Woolworth’s retail store.

The culling of the stone birds isn’t the only significant alteration to this building. In fact, when it opened in 1911 it was much smaller.  The northern portion, essentially what we today as the Starbucks section, is an addition put on in the 1930’s.

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