Slice of Life: The Plants are Fake, the Architecture is Real

Jackson Square Mall in La Grange

Lots of Chicagoans are familiar with the Reebie storage warehouse on the north side that was built to look like an Egyptian tomb.  Not everyone is familiar with another building that started life as a moving and storage warehouse that was designed to look like a bank.

Jackson Square Mall (112 East Burlington Avenue) in La Grange was originally a moving and storage company.  According to the antique mall’s web site, when it was built in 1907 it was deliberately designed to look like a bank, so that people would think their stuff was safe.

The moving part of the company is gone, but the building remains with its wonderful white terra-cotta facade, Portuguese flourishes, and bank-like columns. But don’t look too closely at the geraniums in the window boxes.  They’re plastic.

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