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Up All Night with River Point

River Point - Chicago, Illinois - August, 2013 - 001a

Work on the new public park and skyscraper that will be known as River Point (444 West Lake Street) is progressing very swiftly.

Last week we noticed concrete walls being poured along the Lake Street side of the project, and word on site is that by working beyond the city’s usually allowed (but permitted this time) hours, they finished drilling holes for the caissons for the project.  This week, crews are building a “crash wall” inside what will eventually be the rail tunnel beneath the park.

Feel bad for the people who live nearby at the Riverbend Condominiums (333 North Canal Street), and the Left Bank at K Station (300 North Canal Street).  Amtrak won’t let construction crews cut off rail traffic during the day for this part of the project, so they have to work overnight.  That’s 9:00pm to 6:00am every day for the next two weeks.  Think arc lights, cranes, bulldozers, cement mixers, and good old fashioned hammers and nails all night.

About to lose your mind?  Here’s the guy to e-mail: Mark Wallace.  And here’s his complaint line: 312-419-4911.

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