Smoking Hot Model: Streeterville in Wood and Plastic

SCB model of Streeterville

We post a lot of pictures of architectural models in this publication.  People love them.

Of course, the mac-daddy of them all is the massive downtown model sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation on display (for free!) in the lobby of the Railway Exchange Building (224 South Michigan Avenue).

The grand-daddy of them all is the one with all the model trains zipping through it (not even remotely close to free) down at the Museum of Science and Industry (5700 South Lake Shore Drive).

But what if you don’t have that kind of space?  And you want to show off the buildings that you designed?  Then you end up with the model pictured above.

It’s a model of Streeterville, built in-house by the model gnomes at prolific Chicago architecture firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz.  The model sits in S.C.B.’s lobby and showcases S.C.B.-designed buildings in white.  The non-white buildings?  Well, those are of no importance.

This photo was taken during a recent visit to catch up with what S.C.B.’s been up to lately.  Look for a few articles about our visit soon.

(Spoiler: SCB is very busy, and its busy bees are at pre-recession levels of buzzing.)


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