Construction Update
The Borging of Prentice

Demolition of the former Prentice Womens' Hospital

If you’ll excuse the sci-fi reference, it looks like the former Prentice Womens’ Hospital (320 East Huron Street) is being assimilated by the Borg.

Ranks of scaffolding now envelop the lower pavilion of the Bertrand Goldberg-designed tower that was the first thing hundreds of thousands of glistening new Chicagoans saw over the decades.

Deconstruction crews are removing the exterior walls so they can drive demolition equipment into the building. ¬†They’re also going to plow a ramp into the basement for the same purpose.

You may remember that local preservation groups fought hard to save the bulbous building, but backed off when they lost national support.

Northwestern plans to turn the property into a fenced-in grass-filled lot.  Long-term goals include the possibility of erecting a laboratory tower.

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