Construction Update
Sidewalk in the Sky

 535 North Michigan Avenue promenade under construction

The $1,200,00 demolition and rebuilding of the elevated sidewalk along the south side of 535 North Michigan Avenue is underway.

It is one of several double-decker sidewalks in the city of Chicago, and led pedestrians from North Michigan Avenue above East Grand Avenue to restaurants further down the block.

While Chicagoans are used to using these elevated walkways to get around, they can look somewhat precarious to tourists.  This one is in the heart of Chicago’s tourist zone, so it’s probably better that it be replaced with something more friendly-looking.

The new “promenade” should be more than sound.  It will be supported by 24 caissons drilled 75 feet into the ground.  And since they’re under public property, the owners of 535 North Michigan will pay the city of Chicago $800 a year in rent.

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