Baby Steps Toward A Tower

There’s yet another sign that a skyscraper may one day rise at 200 North Michigan Avenue.

That's Our Bag's store closed sign at 200 North Michigan Avenue

That’s Our Bag’s store closed sign at 200 North Michigan Avenue

We’ve been following the saga for over a year, piecing together rumors, government filings, and other things to give you a clearer picture of the project that has been unusually secretive, considering its location.

Six months ago we were finally able to dig up diagrams and specs on the building.  Then a drawing months later.  Last week we interviewed the architecture firm about the design, and brought you a report from the public hearing which saw very little opposition.

Now one of our Gold Coast Spies has sent in this “closed” sign from That’s Our Bag, one of the last remaining businesses in the building currently standing on the site.  Chase Bank was one of the first out, and it looks like Starbucks will be the last.

All of this bodes well for the developer’s planned Decemberish timeframe to begin demolition work.

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