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Loews Getting Higher

435 North Park under construction

We love seeing your cameraphone pictures from around town.  And when we get two different people in two different neighborhoods taking pictures of the same building under construction, you know there’s something going on.

435 North Park under constructionHere are the latest snaps of 435 North Park Drive in Streeterville, more colloquially known as the Loews Hotel Tower.  The photos sent in by our Streeterville Spy and Loop Spy Andy show the tower portion has grown taller than its neighbor, and soon to be competitor, across the street, the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers (301 East North Water Street).

In addition to the very visible tower portion of this project, the steel cage is in place for the podium section, which extends all the way north to the property line of an still-unbuilt tower on Illinois Street.  There have been several projects proposed for that chunk of land over the years, but they were all delayed.  Now that 435 has shown that it’s worth the time, money, and effort to remediate the land and build in that area, it might spur the owners into moving forward with something.

435 North Park under constructionWhen completed, the Loews tower will have 400 hotel rooms on the bottom, and 398 apartments on top.  It was designed by friends-of-the-blog, SCB.  Completion is expected in 2015.

This article is the result of photos sent in by someone just like you. If you see something interesting in your neighborhood, e-mail your phone pics to

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