Construction Update
Maggie Daley Rocks, and Gets a Visit From Hizzonor

 Maggie Daley Park under construction

The future Maggie Daley Park at what once was Richard M. Daley Bicentennial Plaza is coming along.  We showed you a while ago that the waterproof membrane separating the park from the car storage apparatus upon which it sits was complete.  Now crews are getting ready to put the “park” on the “parking garage.”

Step one is to spread a layer of gravel across the entire site.  You gardeners will recognize this as a fundamental drainage strategy.  it also means that all of the bits that are left sticking up out of the gravel will provide us observers with reference points as we try to match up reality with the drawings from Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in New York.

WMAQ-TV recently took a tour of the construction site with none other than former Mayor Richard J. Daley, who seems to have lost weight and hasn’t looked this relaxed in years.  Check out the video below.

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