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It’s All About Timing at 73 East Lake Street

73 East Lake Street under construction

Loop Spy Daniel sent in another one of his amazing photos of the construction of 73 East Lake Street.  But, as he notes, timing is everything.

They took the coldest day of the year so far to start installing plants on the roof. I guess those plants have to live through all of Chicago’s weather.

73’s not the only downtown Chicago tower that embarked on a major horticultural adventure amid such chilly temperatures.  Aon Center (200 East Randolph Street) replaced pretty much all of the vegetation on its east side this week and last, leaving saplings, bushlets, and sprouts to the wiles of Chicago’s lakefront climate.

Daniel continues:

Most of the windows are in now; the painting is underway; they installed grates in front of the HVAC: it is really starting to look like a building now. Soon they will have it closed up enough I won’t know what is going on any more.

Not to worry, Daniel!  Soon you’ll have the demolition of the four-story building at 200 North Michigan Avenue to watch, and the construction of its replacement — the identically-named 47-story skyscraper called 200 North Michigan Avenue.

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