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Wolf Point and Sleeping Bears


Fulton River Spy Alex sent us this picture of the confluence of the Chicago River, and the North Branch of the Chicago River.  It seems peaceful.  Almost tranquil.  Especially that part at the lower left where there’s supposed to be a three-tower complex of hotel, residential, and office skyscrapers rising.

The only thing changing at Wolf Point these days are the leaves, as the billion dollar development remains tied up in court by the neighborhood NIMBYs who don’t mind that their homes block other people’s views, but can’t stand the thought of losing their own views.

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys poking sleeping bears with a stick, let it slip in urgent, but hushed tones that “Wolf Point is moving forward!”

It’s not a lie.  It is.  Or, rather, it did.

Over at the studios of bKL Architecture, the model of the Wolf Point West tower has been moved forward, next to the glass windows so everyone can see it.  You can take a peek yourself, in the alley between Aqua and the Engine Company 13 fire station.  The Wolf Point model has, indeed, been… moved forward.

You won’t be lying, and it’s a chance to watch someone come completely unglued over nothing.  Just do it from a safe distance.

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