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Tunnel Vision in the West Loop

River Point construction

The train tunnel that is an integral part of the River Point development (444 West Lake Street) is chugging toward completion.

We got to see the inside of the tunnel a few days ago, and the thing that struck us most was how clean and well lit it is.  But with hundreds of massive diesel engines lumbering through each day, don’t expect it to stay that way.

Our Fulton River Spy sent in this picture yesterday, showing progress on the concrete deck that forms the roof of the tunnel.  You can also see the riverwalk portion of the project coming together, with     space for retail stores and other facilities

The tunnel leads beneath what will eventually be a public park, routing Amtrak and Metra passenger trains from the north and west into Union Station.  There is also room for an additional high-speed rail line in the future.

Once the park is completed on the top of the tunnel, a 45-story, 650-foot-tall office building will be added.

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