Chicago’s Skyline as a Snowflake

Chicago skyline Christmas card

It doesn’t take much to get on a politician’s mailing list. Complain about a needed stop sign, fill out a form at a public forum, or even simply register to vote and the next thing you know, you’re invited to any number of fundraisers and envelope-stuffing events.

So it’s not remarkable that a Christmas card should show up this week from 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly. But what is noteworthy is the design of his Christmas card.

The cover and inside feature snowflakes formed from the very downtown Chicago skyline which Reilly represents. Clever.

Ever since the city gift shop that sold old CTA signs on Michigan Avenue shut down, we’ve been trying to find high quality Chicago-themed Christmas cards. In spite of suggestions from our Twitter and Facebook followers, we weren’t able to find any this year. But Reilly has one.

If you’re not on the alderman’s list, here’s a look at the card.

There’s a note on the back stating that no taxpayer money was used for the cards. It’s sad that Chicago’s history should compel the alderman to add that disclaimer, and twice as sad that taxpayers should be inclined to look for it.

Chicago skyline Christmas card

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