Modern Blue Glass Tower Coming To Stuffy Gold Coast Locale

1149 North State drawing

In an area populated with buildings from the era when Michigan Avenue was compared with the Champs-Élysées; where mansard roofs, fake and real, compete for sunlight with century-old storefronts and lakeshore mansions; where the federal government established an historic district because of its period architecture; an interloper is about to arrive.

Yesterday, the Chicago Plan Commission approved the construction of a 25-story blue glass tower at 1149 North State Street, on the northeast corner of North State Street and East Elm Street.

The tower, designed by friends-of-the-blog SCB, is arranged as several joined stacks of four cubes atop a traditional Chicago parking podium.  Balconies in each of the four sections are in-set, and on corners to provide sweeping views.  And the locations of the balconies alternate, making it look like each cube section is rotated atop the other.

The three stacks of cubes also step down in height from south to north, adding more visual interest to the project.  It’s also worth noting that the tower portion of this building is angled back from State Street so that it does not rest on top of the CTA’s Red Line subway tunnel.

The 25-story building is designed for high-end living, and each condominium is expected to be about 3,300 square feet.  That means just two condos for each floor. The 74 parking spaces are reserved for residents only.

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