Smoking Hot Model: 200 North Michigan

200 North Michigan - 002aAs developers work to remake the stretch of North Michigan Avenue between Millennium Park and the Chicago River, one of the biggest projects in the neighborhood rises from the ground.  200 North Michigan was designed by friends-of-the-blog bKL Architecture, and is just steps away from the architecture firm’s Lakeshore East headquarters.

The model above is in the bKL studios, and shows how the completed 200 will relate to its neighboring buildings of similar stature.  Specifically the venerable Carbide and Carbon Building (230 North Michigan Avenue) and the photogenic Crain Communications Building  (150 North Michigan Avenue).  If you’re a child of the 80’s, you’ll remember that one from the climax of the flick Adventures in Babysitting.

While this model isn’t on public display, bKL has a nice habit of placing its recent models in the windows of its offices at the base of the Aqua tower (225 North Columbus Drive).  If you don’t see something you recognize, you may be gazing at some of the company’s work in Toronto, Beijing, and beyond.

Location: 200 North Michigan Avenue, The Loop

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