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We don’t do too many stories from the suburbs. But even if you never leave The Loop, you can’t swing a silver spoon without smacking into a New Trier graduate.  Sometimes it seems like half of the city’s media personalities came from New Trier (and the other half from Lane Tech).

Earlier this month, the Winnetka high school shared the results of a contest it held for a campus expansion.  The finalists are:

  • CannonDesign, HBRA Architects, and The Third Teacher
  • Moore Ruble Yudell and Legat Architects
  • Wight & Company

It’s the Moore Ruble Yudell and Legat Architects plan that interests us most, for the simple reason that it’s the team that bothered to send over a video of their entry for us to view.  You can see it above.

You can view still photos of all three plans by following this link.

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