Slice of Life: Oh, Grate

Ventilation grate at 2 North Riverside

Chicago is a great town for hunting for art deco treasures.  There are plenty of great buildings with art deco outsides, but wandering into their interior lobbies, arcades, and promenades is where you find the best stuff.

Witness this ventilation grate in the retail corridor of 2 North Riverside.  The former Chicago Daily News building is linked to the 80’s modern Citigroup Center, but retains most of its original decorative splendor, though its massive ceiling fresco is collecting dust in a warehouse.  Still, there are plenty of original flourishes and pieces of hardware around.  Just ignore what appears to be a potato chip bag sucked into the works.

And if you’re a real fan of the arts, both deco and moderne, you’l find like-minded people at the Chicago Art Deco Society.

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