Block37 To Get Residential Tower. One More To Go

Block37 - 22 West Washington Street

Block37 is taking another step toward assuming its intended shape.

Crain’s Chicago Business reports that plans are underway to build an apartment tower at the multi-use complex between the Daily Center and Macy’s On State.

Currently, Block37’s major components consist of a mall, and an office tower.  It was supposed to also have a hotel tower and a residential tower above it, and a subway superstation beneath it.  The station was partly built before being abandoned, but the second and third  skyscrapers never happened.  That appears to be changing.

According to Crain’s, CIM Group, the complex’s owner, is in “advanced preparations” to start building a residential tower at Block37.  Crain’s reports that CIM wants to build at least five-hundred residences.  That may be a bit ambitious, because the plans approved by the city specifically  limit Block73 to 400 residences, and 500 hotel rooms.

Of course, a quick trip to the Chicago Plan Commission can fix that.  But the Commission collectively groans and rolls its eyes every time someone from Block37 pops in to ask a favor.  Some people never learn when to lay low.

So, how tall might this planned residential tower be?  According to the text of the rules passed by the city, up to 675 feet tall, but some diagrams look like it might be limited to 607 feet.  For comparison, 675 feet is only about 25 feet taller than the Daley Center  across the street at 55 West Randolph Street.

For those of you who have never seen what Block37 is supposed to look like in its completed state, enjoy these diagrams.

Interestingly, the city’s zoning documents repeatedly misidentify the television studios on the property as “WLS TV” (channel seven) instead of WBBM (channel two).

And as a point of trivia, did you know that Block37’s zoning includes language allowing it to be used as a light rail transfer stop?  Things that make you go “Hmm….”



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