Glassy Tower Steps Up To Chicago’s Near West Side

Drawing of 1061 West Van Buren

Drawing of 1061 West Van Buren

The City of Chicago has been busy the last few years approving skyscraper projects along the I-90/94 corridor downtown as part of its plan to line the highway with buildings so people don’t notice the noise and traffic so much.  But what about the other highways slicing through our fair city like Dexter through a South Beach lowlife?

Interstate 290, the Eisenhower Expressway, may be next on the list to get a highway-hugging skyscraper.

Pizzuti Development, based in Columbus, Ohio, but with an office in Downers Grove, is shifting its focus from light industrial and office developments to apartments.  And it wants to slide a 32-story residential tower into the slice of land just southeast of the Target store at 1101 West Jackson Boulevard.

The building at 1061 West Van Buren Street is designed as a blue glass slab with two grid overlays separated by an ascending stair shape.

People on the south side of the building will overlook 290, the Blue Line, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.  While that doesn’t sound all that great, in real estate sometimes one plus one equals eleven.  Or in this case, the result is a view that will likely be protected long after any of us have stopped caring.  And breathing.

Views to the north, while not as protected, are mostly over the neighborhood’s low and mid-rise warehouses, lofts, and other smaller buildings, and should remain in tact for quite some time.

We should get more information on the project in the next few weeks, so don’t touch that dial.  Unless your TV really still has a dial. In that case, it’s seriously time for a new TV.


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  1. I actually like this one. It’s simple but interesting. I like the lines and apparent crispness. My only complaint is its width; not the height, not the density, but the width. I’d slice off 1/3 from the east/west axis and redistribute that in terms of verticality.

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    • I think the width of the building in the picture is deceptive. Take a look on Google Maps. The site is actually quite narrow.

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      • Editor

        It’s always hard to tell with these kinds of early drawings. They’re usually pretty liberal with the truth. This drawing looks like the very wide podium is actually going to eat some of the neighbors on Van Buren.

        We’ll know for sure once some formal documents have been filed with the city. Expect an article with hard facts around the end of the first week of April.

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  2. Love it!
    The west side is a fantastic opportunity for development and repopulation.
    Let’s get the shovel in the ground. Think big and let’s plan more. So many empty neighborhoods that can handle population growth.
    Can a drive on the Eisenhower one day make your heart sing like the drive in on LSD?
    Why not?

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