Undoing Chicago: 200 North Michigan

200 North Michigan demolition

Loop Spy Daniel sent in another great picture recently.  it shows the demolition of the smallish office building at 200 North Michigan Avenue.

From the street, there’s not much to see here, though lots can be heard.  From LSD’s bird’s eye point of view, he can see what the rest of us can’t:

From on top of the floor they break it up using a small skid loader and a tool I can’t quite make out.  From the floor below they remove the detritus.  The building is down to 5-1/2 floors now.  I expect them to make pretty quick progress unless there is additional non-building materials to be removed in the lower floors.  There was a tremendous amount of dirt on the roof–almost like it was a garden at one point–that took them quite a while to remove.  But now they seem to be making better progress.

This 200 North Michigan is being replaced by a new 200 North Michigan—a 42-story blue glass residential tower designed by friends-of-the-blog, bKL Architecture.

200 North Michigan demolition


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