▶ Time Lapse Video: Disassembling 200 North Michigan

Thanks to Looney Tunes, we all have a pretty basic understanding of how demolition works when the tools involved are a crane and a wrecking ball.  But a couple of days ago, Loop Spy Daniel sent in a picture showing the office building at 200 North Michigan being disassembled by JCB’s.  Wile E. Coyote would not approve.

So, how does that work?  George Simkins at corporate video production company Vis-a-viseo shows us in the video above, which is a time lapse of one day’s demolition work at 200 North Michigan. He describes the process this way:

In addition to the two skid steers, there are also two miniature back hoes, whose main job is actually to swing a hydraulic sledge hammer to break apart the concrete, blow by blow.

George is going to keep Vis-a-viseo’s cameras pointed at the demolition, and we’ll bring you updates when cool things happen.

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