▶ Deconstructing Chicago: When the Walls Come Tumbling Down at 200 North Michigan

Demolition of 200 North Michigan AvenueA couple of weeks ago, George Simkins with Vis-à-vis Creative shared a time-lapse video of the demolition of the office building at 200 North Michigan.  The process is still ongoing, and as you can see from the photo on the right, the building is down to just three stories, from the six it originally had.

Last week, Mr. Simkins sent us a follow-up video (above) showing the little miniature construction vehicles pulling down one of the exterior walls with one a thunder heard ’round The Loop.  They must have lots of faith in that floor they’re driving around on to pull that off.

For another bird’s eye view, over the weekend Loop Spy Daniel sent a picture from high overhead showing the work in progress.  At this rate, it looks like the building could be at ground level in a few weeks.   Then the fun begins: Constructing bKL’s new 42-story residential tower.

Demolition of 200 North Michigan Avenue

Demolition of 200 North Michigan Avenue. Courtesy of Loop Spy Daniel.

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