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Wolf Point Ready To Rise

Construction of Wolf Point West

There are special milestones you look for in a child’s development: Baby’s first word.  Baby’s first steps.  Baby’s first car wreck after taking the keys out of daddy’s pants without permission.  Wolf Point is about to reach one of those milestones.

That’s because the first bits of the crane for the west tower are now being installed.  It’s the equivalent of a baby learning to sit up on its own.  Wolf Point is about to go from a noisy, smelly, mess sprawled across the ground to something recognizable and civilized.  And over time as its stature grows, so does it civility and acceptance in polite society.

One of our downtown spies sent us this picture of the first piece of the tower crane now inserted in the rebar mesh in the pit where the core of the building will soon rise.

When complete, Wolf Point West, designed by friends-of-the-blog bKL Architecture, will rise 493 feet into the sky as a residential tower over parking.  It’s part of a $1 billion project that will turn the former industrial space into a live-work-stay community with three iconic skyscrapers.


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  1. Very exciting to see, amazing addition to the downtown core.
    Wish the other two towers were going up at the same time, when do they get started?
    Can’t wait to see the two office buildings across the river under construction, will be very impressive!

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    • Editor

      Because the site is a little tight (surrounded on three sides by water), the project is being built in phases. The west tower is phase one. Once that’s complete, work will begin on a second tower, and then the third. It would be an amazing visual to see all three skyscrapers going up at the same time along the river, but alas, that’s not to be.

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