Grant Park Skate Park Grinding Ahead [updated]

Drawing of the Grant Park Skate Park

The Chicago Plan Commission has approved the construction of a new skate park complex at the south end of Grant Park (using the address 300 East 11th Street).

Drawing of the Grant Park Skate ParkThe project initially included features such as a small amphitheater and other unusual features.  But as the plan evolved, it was scaled back and is now a more traditional skate park.

Bob O’Neil of the Grant Park Conservancy sent us these thoughts on the project:

This has been a long time coming but well worth the wait as the new skate park will be the first in a front-yard park like Grant Park. It will not be a typical concrete skate park. We were able to get input and design from all kinds of skaters and BMXers so it was crowd-sourced before crowd sourcing was cool.  We organized skaters back in 2006. The final design is innovative and allows it to be used by the entire public not just skaters and other “wheelers”.  It will be a place for all types of people and park users to gather.

We are making Grant Park more user-friendly and innovative and a place where nature, art, science and culture all come together in an outdoor, open setting.  The skate park is a piece in that puzzle that is turning Grant Park’s 325 acres into an amazing urban asset for Chicago.

Because its location is a disused sunken area between South Michigan Avenue and the Metra Electric District train tracks,  the design by Chicago’s Altamanu includes an observation platform for non-skaters to take in the action.

The next step for the skate park is a vote by the full city council, which is expected to approve.

Drawing of the Grant Park Skate Park

 Chicago Architecture Blog reporter Mary Chmielewicz contributed to this report.

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