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In love and architecture all it takes is a few passing words to make the heart flutter.

In this case, the words come from new Tribune Company CEO, Peter Liguori who was quoted by Crain’s Chicago Business at an event in New York saying:

We could do things like build another Tribune tower next door to Tribune Tower

It’s enough to make a skyscraper nerd start drawing hearts in the margins of his AIA Guide.

It wasn’t that long ago that there were plans that could have taken the “Tribune” out of Tribune Tower, reducing the city’s newspaper of record to an itinerant pack of journos, like the Sun-Times and Crain’s, itself. But the people who thought it might be a good idea to sell the Tribune Tower are gone, and the new regime is thinking about maximizing the company’s assets.

That includes its real estate holdings, and even its Freedom Center printing and distribution plant. The riverside property has been the envy of real estate developers for some time. Riverfront location. Skyline views. Easy access to downtown and Chicago’s developing tech hubs.

The building, however, is a monument to the sort of naval-gazing that allowed the internet to eat the newspaper industry’s lunch. Even as far back as the 1980’s, did anyone outside of Tribune really think that the future of the information industry involved floating rolls of newspaper on barges up the Chicago River?

Fortunately, that kind of thinking will soon be part of the Tribune Company’s past as the newspaper operations are spun off into its own company to whither and die. The new Tribune will focus on television, video and internet, with a healthy real estate portfolio to help it get started.

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