Deconstructing Chicago: 200 North Michigan Makes Way For 200 North Michigan

200 North Michigan demolition

The six-story office and retail building at 200 North Michigan Avenue continues to lose stature as demolition crews tear it apart, brick from slab.

This photo from Loop Spy Daniel shows the building down to about two floors now. You may remember it as home to a Starbucks, a luggage store, a jewelry store, and various ticky-tacky tourist shops.

Next up for the space is a 42-story residential tower designed by friends-of-the-blog, bKL Architecture. bKL has been on something of a roll lately, starting quietly with its Coast and GEMS Academy nearby in Lakeshore East, then spilling out onto Michigan Avenue with this skyscraper, and into River North with another residential tower at 720 North LaSalle Street, and the west tower at Wolf Point.

And like pretty much every other firm in Chicago with more than a business card and a copy of AutoCAD, it’s also been aggressively trying to drum up business in China. To wit, it has posted a Chinese version of its company logo in the windows of its offices on the ground floor of Aqua (225 North Columbus Drive).

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