Cubs Launch Nuclear Option Against Wrigley Field’s Rooftop Neighbors


Wrigley Field - Chicago, Illinois - March, 2006 - 016a

Wrigley Field. More shouting, drama, and runny mascara than a Mexican soap opera.

It’s one of the inevitable rites of spring.  Along with the smell of your neighbor’s freshly mown lawn, rooftop bikini-spotting from the Brown Line, and the closure of Chicago beaches because Milwaukee can’t seem to keep the poo out of our common pool, the Cubs have release yet another Wrigley Field expansion plan.

Wrigley Field expansion is only slightly less complicated, drawn-out and dramatic than a Mexican soap opera.  Everyone is very passionate about their position.  Everyone has a lot of money at stake.  And everyone has a fist full of documents to back up their position.  This level of drama and puffery is the reason we don’t cover Wrigley much here anymore.  It’s all heat, and no light.

Today’s a little different.  Today in the ongoing playground squabble between the Cubs and their neighbors across the street, the ball club essentially said, “Screw you guys, we’re taking our ball and going home.”  It then launched its nuclear option—an even more ambitious Wrigley Field expansion plan than the one that had the rooftop bar owners freaking out for the last year.

You can see it in all its glory in this video:

The rooftop owners, naturally, have gone ballistic, telling the Sun-Times, “This decision by the Ricketts family will now result in this matter being resolved in a court of law.”

And so this blog goes back into its self-imposted Wrigley Field Expansion news blackout.  We’ll be back when someone starts turning dirt, or a court issues a final final final non-appealable ruling, or an agreement is reached between the Cubs and the bars for realsies.  Until then, it’s all just a bunch of rich people fighting over each other’s money.

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