200 North Michigan Now A Negative Building

Demolition of 200 North Michigan

As we eagerly await the construction of downtown Chicago’s newest residential skyscraper, we patiently watch as 200 North Michigan disappears into the ground.

Loop Spy Daniel sent in an updated photograph of the demolition progress, and he says workers have gotten below street level.

Of course, in this part of Chicago what is “street level” is subject to interpretation.  Many of the streets in this area are two, and sometimes three, levels deep.  North Garland Court, which runs along the west side of this property, leads one down into East Lower Wacker Drive and North Lower Michigan Avenue, beneath the clomping boots and squeaky strollers of the tourist masses.

Once the demolition crews get down to dirt—or more likely, mud—they’ll be able to start work building the new 200 North Michigan, a 42-story gleaming glass apartment tower designed by friends-of-the-blog, bKL Architecture.


Location: 200 North Michigan Avenue, The Loop


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