CTA 95th Street Superstation to Become a Reality

Drawing of CTA 95th Street Terminal courtesy of the Chicago Transit Authority

Drawing of CTA 95th Street Terminal courtesy of the Chicago Transit Authority

Seven months ago we told you about the Chicago Transit Authority’s plan to scrap the overused, overburdened overly gross 95th Street train and bus station at the south end of the Red Line.  Transit agencies make big plans all the time that never come to fruition (CTA Circle Line, anyone?), but this project is actually a “go.”

The CTA has awarded construction contracts to start work on the $240 million replacement for the current 95th Street station, built in 1969 and designed by Chicago’s own Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

The current station has some interesting numbers behind it:

  • 20,000 riders daily
  • 1,000 buses daily
  • 300,000 people live within walking distance of a CTA bus that goes to this station

The station serves not only CTA buses, but also Pace regional transit buses as well as Indian Trails intercity buses to dozens of places in the Michigan mitten, and Greyhound buses nationwide.

The most important, but least spoken about, portion of this project is that it will allow the Red Line tracks to pass under the two new terminal buildings, enabling the long-awaited, much-talked-about, never-acted-upon Red Line South expansion down to 130th Street.

This time the CTA means it.  You can tell because they even made a logo for the project: Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 7.17.43 PMPacific Daylight Time

Construction is expected to begin in the fall.  Here are some drawings of what the new 95th Street Station will look like:

All images courtesy of the Chicago Transit Authority


Location: 95th Street at I-94/The Dan Ryan Expressway


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