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The Ability Institute Tower [updated]

Ability Institute under construction

Streeterville’s newest medical skyscraper is slowly pulling itself out of the earth and taking shape.  The Ability Institute of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (355 East Erie Street) will eventually be a half-billion dollar, 445-foot-tall shiny blue tower on the site of the old, historic CBS Studios building.

Drawing of the Ability Institute of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

The core and decks at the parking garage levels will continue to be our primary focus over the coming month and site operations will remain similar to what you have experienced during the past month.

Chicago Architecture Blog reporter, Wendy Bright, stopped by the other day and took the photograph above showing the building’s progress.  As we saw with the Prentice Women’s Hospital (251 East Huron Street) and the new Children’s Memorial Hospital (225 East Chicago Avenue), hospital buildings tend to take longer than regular office skyscrapers to build.  The R.I.C. hopes to open its Ability Institute in 2017.

Check the image gallery below for the latest renderings of the building.

Location: 355 East Erie Street, Streeterville

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