City Farm Will Sprout Again

City Farm at Division and Clybourn today.

City Farm at Division and Clybourn today.

Earlier this week we told you that this fall will be the last harvest for the City Farm located at 1204 North Clybourn Avenue in Cabrini Green.  But while the farm will be plowed under in a few months, it will grow again in a new location.

According to paperwork filed with the city of Chicago last week, the current farm, at the intersection of West Division Street and North Clybourn will soon become the home of an eight-story-tall residential building with 82 new homes, designed by Pappageorge Haymes.  The land is owned by the City of Chicago, so the farm gets the heave-ho.

But it’s not as dire as it sounds.

Diagram of proposed building at 442 West Division

Diagram of proposed building at 442 West Division

City Farm director Ken Dunn hit our tip line the other day to let us know that his group will be thriving in a new location next year.

Right now, he says, the Chicago Housing Authority is trying to find City Farm a new site in the area, possibly closer to the firehouse one very long block to the west.  Looking at a map, it appears the vacant land surrounding the fire station might actually be more space than City Farm currently has at its current, but more visible, location.

Regardless, Mr. Dunn pledges that a Cabrini-area City Farm will be up and running in the spring of 2015 with no interruption, along with the three other City Farms on Chicago’s south side.

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