▶ Time Lapse: Drawing Chicago

Blame the economy.  Or nostalgia.  Or the fact that every single thing is just absolutely terrible these days and there’s no hope for the future.  But people are returning to the old ways of doing things.  And not just hipsters.  The 1990’s knitting fad has begotten sewing for practical and recreational purposes.  Thousands of people are learning how to cook.  Home woodworking has never been more popular.  Even hunting has gone from sporting to retro to hip.  People are learning to appreciate a “hands-on” world again.

And that seems to be true in the world of architecture photography, too.  Or, rather I should write “architecture imaging.”  Because I’ve seen a trend over the last two or three years where people who would normally enjoy taking photos of amazing buildings are, instead, drawing them.

There’s even a local company that specializes in it.  Cape Horn Illustration, up in Ravenswood, creates what it calls “home portraits” using paper and ink.  Much of the work is very impressive.  But even more fascinating is seeing the process.  You can do that with the time-lapse video above.


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