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1 East Chestnut


1 East Chestnut under construction

The new residential tower going up on the corner of State and Chestnut in Chicago’s Gold Coast is steadily climbing into the sky.  1 East Chestnut is part of a two-building development going up on Loyola land, but only half of it will officially serve the Loyola community.

1 East Chestnut under constructionThe residential skyscraper is being developed by Newmark, while the adjacent classroom building is being developed by the university.  While it would make sense that an apartment tower in the middle of an urban college campus would fill up with students, Loyola’s administration insists the students will likely choose to remain at the main campus on the edge of town and ride the shuttle bus to class.

You can see the tower portion of 1 East Chestnut is up to about the 16th floor.  When complete, the building designed by friends-of-the-blog, SBC, will reach 36 stories into the sky.  Not as tall as the 100-story John Hancock Center down the street, but certainly no slouch among neighboring buildings.


1 East Chestnut under construction



Location: 1 East Chestnut Street, Gold Coast

 Chicago Architecture Blog photographer Daniel Schell contributed to this report.


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