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Ability Institute of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago under construction

The vacant lot at 355 East Erie Street is just a memory as the Ability Institute of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago takes shape.  Construction has been underway for more than a year, yet the building is only up to its ninth floor.  That’s not unusual for hospitals, as they are considerably more complicated than an office building or an apartment block.  You may remember it took four years to build the nearby 22-story Children’s Memorial Hospital.  The new Ability Institute is roughly twice as large.

The latest community update from RIC has the details:

Last month, three floors of parking garage decks were completed, and the core was jumped two additional levels. We are currently working to complete the seventh floor decks and the core of the building between levels nine and ten. The core and decks will continue to be our primary focus over the coming weeks. In addition, interior build outs will begin on the lower levels of the structure, so you may notice activity continuing in those areas.
Location: 355 East Erie Street, Streeterville

 Chicago Architecture Blog photographer Daniel Schell contributed to this report.


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