Construction Update
Laying Loews in Streeterville

Lowes Hotel under construction

So, have you seen the Loews Hotel tower lately?  It seems that all the fears people had about this building were unfounded, and we should have just trusted friends-of-the-blog Solomon Cordwell Buenz.

The building’s skin is mostly complete, and from a distance you can really get a good sense of what the finished building will look like.  It’s tall.  It’s stoic.  It’s corporate, but still classy.  It’s better than we feared.  Even NIMBY group, SOAR, thought it should be taller, but its size seems alternately towering and perfectly in context.

There’s still lots of work to do at the base, and inside.  But if the inside looks as good as the outside, you might find one particular blog owner stopping by to take a tour of the apartments.

Location: 435 North Park Drive, Streeterville

 Chicago Architecture Blog photographer Daniel Schell contributed to this report.


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