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Monitoring Mansueto’s Modern Morningstar Mansion

Mansueto Mansion under construction

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of web sites that ask questions like, “What can you get in Wrigleyville for $500K” or “Here’s what $1 million buys you in the Gold Coast.”  But you never hear, “What does $22 million build you these days?”  That question is being answered in Lincoln Park.

Mansueto Mansion under constructionThe last time we checked in on local billionaire Joe Mansueto’s new mansion at 428 West Saint James Place in the Park West neighborhood, it was just a steel frame.  Almost two years later,  the facade is coming together and we can see what Chicago’s newest mansion looks like.

For those of you who don’t know the name Joe Mansueto, he’s a local Indiana guy who made his money in the money business. Do you know Inc Magazine? Fast Company? The Chicago Reader? The Chicago Sun-Times?  He has his fingers in all of those pots.  There are 259 people in America with more money than he has, and 318,731,553 with less. He’s the heft behind Morningstar, which occupies most of the office space in Block37.  For that reason, the neighbors call this place the “Morningstar Mansion.”

And what a mansion it is.  Or will be.  7,200 square feet, designed by local think tank Tigerman McCurry in River North.  When we heard someone was spending $22 million on a single family home just off Lincoln Park, we were thinking castles and turrets and maybe a moat with cold weather crocodiles.  Now we can see it’s more Mies van der Rohe meets whoever designed all those Catholic schools in the 1950’s.  But a quick review of the Tigerman-McCurry portfolio shows it’s right on the mark.

When it will be completed is anyone’s guess.  Not surprisingly, the billionaire doesn’t like to talk about his house.  But when it’s done, if you’re thinking about getting the Mansueto clan a house warming gift, we suggest a Roomba.  With .17 of an acre of floors, he’s going to need an army of robots to keep the joint clean.

And if Mr. Mansueto is interested in expanding his publishing empire, he should note that every blog has its price.  Nudge, nudge; wink, wink; say no more.

Location: 428 West Saint James Place, Park West

 Chicago Architecture Blog photographer Daniel Schell contributed to this report.


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