Pioneer Court Thinking Inside the Box — The Glass Box, That Is

Pioneer court

Michigan Avenue’s Pioneer Court at 401 North Michigan Avenue is looking to glass things up a bit with the addition of a glass box on the building’s southern edge right across from the Chicago River.  The proposed box would be part of a $25 million renovation that the Zeller Realty Group, which owns the building, is planning for the property.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, the glass box would serve as an entrance to a new riverside restaurant that will be located below the plaza. The planned eatery, along with a proposed health club, would replace the 18,000 square-foot food court located in the basement of the Streeterville skyscraper. The glass box would include an elevator and stairs to the restaurant.

Of course, the planned glass box and other new updates and features will still need city approval before moving forward. Zeller took out a $190 million loan for such improvements in an attempt to update the amenities of the Skidmore, Owings & Merrill designed mid-century modern building.

“We have an iconic building with some of the best views in the city, but it lacks some of the high-end amenities that other buildings have,” Chris Baker, vice president of asset management at Zeller, told Crain’s.

The quest to update Pioneer Court is already underway with a $2 million lobby renovation that was recently completed. A conference room and tenant lounges with views on the 19th floor are also set to be added.

Zeller is in the hunt for new art to grace the property and catch the eyes of passersby. Previous public art displayed at the site include “American Gothic,” “Forever Marilyn,” which is now on display in New Jersey, and  a 20-foot-tall stubbed-out cigarette that appeared for a moment last year.

Location: 401 North Michigan Avenue, Streeterville


Author: Mark Miles

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