Slice of Life: Filling the Hole in Your Art

Pothole art by Jim Bachor

Remember how over the summer, potholes got so bad in Chicago that one man actually started filling them himself because the city wasn’t getting the job done?  Another Chicagoan is pitching in to smooth your ride, but this time with a twist—he’s doing it for art.

West Town Spy Adam sent in these pictures of what Jim Bachor is up to.  He finds potholes, and fills them in with cement, then tops it off with a mosaic. Mr. Bachor has been doing it for a little over a year. His choice to use Chicago’s negative space as a canvas has gotten him written up in newspapers as far away as Seattle and Sacramento.  But if you haven’t had a chance to see one of his infrastructure improvements in person, Adam tells us this bouquet of tulips is in the southbound lane of Racine, just south of Randolph Street.


Pothole art by Jim Bachor


Location: Racine Street, South of Randolph Street, West Town

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