Construction Update
Wolf Point Rocks. No, Really.

Wolf Point West under construction

We know you love Wolf Point.  We love it, too.  And if the numbers provided to us by Google prove anything, it’s that you can’t get enough of those sweet sweet Wolf Point construction photos.  Well, you’re in luck, my slobbering friend.

One of our anonymous downtown spies sent in a bunch of new Wolf Point photos, and man things are chugging right along.  The whole site has been surrounded by stones along the riverbank, and work is beginning on the riverwalk which will be cantilevered over the riprap, so there will be no riparian delights for Hyacinth Bucket.  (PBS humor, how’s that for highbrow?)  You can see the curve of caissons following the water line around the bend to the east, followed by the concrete forms and rebar for the actual deck along the South Branch of the river.

The central core of Wolf Point West (350 North Orleans Street), the residential tower designed by friends-of-the-blog bKL Architecture, is also starting to free itself from the surrounding cacophony and claim its personal space.  And the roads and ramps that will serve the residents of that skyscraper look, for the most part, in place.  The tower crane that once seemed so out of place sticking up out of the mud is now surrounded by networks of rebar and piles of concrete forms.

When complete, Wolf Point West will rise 493 feet into the sky as a residential tower over parking. It’s part of a $1 billion project that will turn the former industrial space into a live-work-stay community with three iconic skyscrapers.

Location: 350 North Orleans Street, River North

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