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NIMBYs Give Way to The Gateway

The Gateway under construction

The latest Chicago building to call itself “The Gateway*” is finally coming together in Greektown.  You’re probably already familiar with the Mariano’s Fresh Market on the second floor of 40 South Halsted Street.  This is the second phase of that project, and one that for the longest time didn’t seem like it was going to see the light of day.

As repeatedly noted by Chicago Architecture Blog reporter Bill Motchan, the greater West Loop/West Town area has a pretty strong NIMBY presence.  Perhaps on par with the people claiming to represent Streeterville.  They managed to kill a number of iterations of this tower over the years.  What started out as 314-foot-tall apartment tower and Hyatt hotel over four years ago has yielded stunted pygmy fruit in the form of a 175-foot-tall apartment building, and no hotel.

But as we can see in these snaps from Chicago Architecture Blog photographer Daniel Schell, at least construction is finally underway.  Here are the gritty nitties on the project:

  • Architecture firm: Antunovich Associates
  • Gross site size: 28,395 square feet
  • Net site size: 17,358 square feet
  • Maximum building size: 185,500 square feet
  • Retail space: 4,400 square feet
  • Residences: 167
  • Parking: 95 spaces
  • Bicycle parking: 120 spaces
  • Maximum building height: 170 feet
  • Green roof alert: 3,000 square feet
  • Going for LEED certification
  • Parking garage entrance/exit via the alley off of West Madison Street

What remains to be seen, however, is what happens to the code-orange Mid-City Trust & Savings Bank on the corner at 2 South Halsted Street.  It is surrounded by The Gateway on two sides.   We’ve seen several redevelopment proposals floating around, but so far none have appeared to stick.

*Editor’s Note: There’s at least three buildings in Chicago that already call themselves “The Gateway.”  Similarly, there are three “The Buckingham” buildings, two in The Loop alone.  Unlike in other countries where the post office maintains a central registry of building names, here you can do whatever you want. God bless America.
Location: 9 South Green Street, Greektown


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