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A Streetview of Chicago’s Future Googleplex

1K Fulton under construction

Google has an army of talented young mathmagicians who spend their days thinking of new ways for the marketing giant to spy on us.  So, we sent our talented young photographer, Daniel Schell,  to spy on how far things have come with Big G’s new Fulton River District outpost.  His streetviews show us that the baby Googleplex is really coming along.

Sterling Bay is redeveloping the former Fulton Market Cold Storage building at 1000 West Fulton Market into an office complex called 1K Fulton. Lucky for Sterling, Google has a voracious appetite for office space in downtown Chicago right now, and gobbled up over 250,000 square feet of this building, according to Crain’s Chicago Business.

The good news is that the project is moving along quickly, with much of the exterior glass in place on all sides.  The bad news is that the combination of blue glass and brown brick makes what was once a pretty cool looking old warehouse look like a bland 1970’s suburban office building.  Instead of preserving and accentuating an historic meat packing district Chicago loftnasium, it looks like Sterling Bay has just dragged in a random block from Rosemont.

Perhaps once its done and filled with happy Googlers googling away the day with their google toys it will look different.  But if the present is any indication of the future, Google returns “About 19,700,000” results for the word “disappointment.”

Location: 1000 West Fulton Market, Fulton Market District




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