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The Quinlan School of Business

Loyola University Quinlan School of Business under construction

These are heady days for Chicago’s crane enthusiasts.  Yellow and red lattices are swinging around the city’s airspace like mosquitoes at a northwoods cookout.  And one of those cranes is helping build Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business at 2 East Pearson Street.

Chicago Architecture Blog photographer Daniel Schell swung by recently and took these pictures of the progress.  The building, designed by friends-of-the-blog SCB, is rising steadily, and has reached about the halfway point in its $40 million climb to ten stories.  But at the same time,  it is absolutely dwarfed by its partner residential tower next door at 1 East Chestnut Street.

The school is named after McDonald’s C.E.O. Michael Quinlan who ponied up the cash for the building.  It replaces a couple of run-down one-story buildings that were being used as the university’s printing office.  Even though this is a university classroom building, it will still engage the neighborhood, meaning there will be ground floor retail space.  Inside, the classrooms and professors’ offices are arranged in “vertical neighborhoods.”  And a wide staircase bunged through the middle of the building (called a “Social Stair”) is intended to foster the serendipitous meetings that often are the catalysts of progress in the business world.  It’s expected to open in August of next year.

Location: 2 East Pearson Street, Gold Coast



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