Transit Artist Nick Fury Goes High Above Ashland And Lake For His Latest Venue

Transit art by Nick Fury

The folks at the office supply store where Nick Fury shops must figure he uses a typewriter, and that he doesn’t do it very well. Fury goes through a lot of typewriter correcting tape.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury

It’s not inked words that he’s covering, though. Fury is creating art and using a nontraditional medium. It takes a keen eye and steady hand to place the correcting tape in straight lines and curves to develop visual images, but Fury has the technique down pat.

His latest exhibit will be on display starting today, through the end of October, but you won’t need to visit a gallery to see it. If you happen to get off the Pink or Green Line CTA trains at the Ashland Station, you can’t miss Fury’s work. The individual pieces hang along the metal grates on the north and south platforms.

Fury’s unmistakable style–simple graphic images using that typewriter correcting tape–is on display depicting his favorite subject matter: transit and the CTA.

Transit art by Nick FuryThe modern graphic feel of his work fits surprisingly well in the Queen Anne Style architecture of the historic circa 1892 Ashland CTA Station.

Fury uses transit as a recurring theme of his art, drawing from his own experiences riding the CTA. He even finds beauty in the sparks shooting out from the third rail. Fury grew up in Hyde Park and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He also received a degree from the American Academy of Art and a BFA from Columbia College.

Transit art by Nick Fury

Location: 1601 West Lake Street, West Town

Author: Bill Motchan

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