Chicago’s Lucas Museum: Still “Iconic,” and now “Organic.”

It’s been almost three months since we heard anything official from George Lucas and the organizers of the Museum of Narrative Art he plans to build in Chicago’s Museum Campus.  But the Chicago Architecture Blog was in the house when Mr. Lucas, himself, started spilling tantalizing little beans about the lakefront project.

Speaking to Charlie Rose as part of Chicago Ideas Week, the Tribune reports that Mr. Lucas has very concrete ideas about what he wants the building to look like, even if those ideas are only being shared between him and the architect, Ma Yansong.  He recalled a conversation he had with Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

I have to warn you. I want to build an iconic museum. I want to build something no one’s ever seen before, something that’s avant-garde and leading edge in the architectural world.

You can read more about the event at this Tribune link, which also has videos.  But be warned, it’s behind one of those paywalls that rewards people who don’t read the newspaper very often.

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