Construction Update
Transferring to Block37

Block37 construction

For the last few weeks we’ve been showing you photographs of the latest construction at Block37, where an apartment tower is being added to the mall and office tower.

That tower will rest on concrete slabs and a steel truss that will transfer the weight of the new building above onto the existing columns already inside the mall.  In these photographs, you can see the 30-foot-tall steel transfer truss being assembled on the roof.

The city has just issued a permit for a new tower crane for the project (a Manitowoc Potain MR415, for your crane fans), so expect the pace to pick up a bit.  And maybe we’ll get another land of West Randolph Street returned to vehicular traffic.

If you haven’t been down to State and Randolph lately, the normally four-lane street has been slashed to just one lane to make room for Block37 construction equipment, and traffic is routinely backed up to Michigan Avenue.



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