More Offices Proposed for Fulton Market District

801 West Fulton Market diagram

In the short decade that this blog has been publishing, we’ve seen remarkable changes in Chicago’s Fulton River District.  My father was involved in the wholesale meat industry and I spent probably too much time as a very young child in Manhattan’s former meatpacking district.  So walking around Chicago’s tenderloin at 5am listening to scream of band saws shrieking through animal flesh and dodging grunting forklifts tipping full of unmarked white boxes was comforting to me.

Back then, there were a couple of underground bars and a hotel that almost nobody knew about, and the hipster vibe was kept on the down low for fear of attracting suburban SUVs and Lincoln Park stilettos.  Then Restaurant Row happened, and the area became a foodie paradise.  And now, as quickly as the fork-and-knife set moved in, office buildings are following.

We’ve reported extensively on the massive Googleplex going into the former cold storage warehouse now known as 1K Fulton.  It wasn’t the first office building to open up in the area, and it’s apparently not the last.

A company called Dufresne Capital Partners (actually owned by Shapack Investments up on Armitage) wants to build a seven-story commercial building on the corner of North Halsted Street and West Fulton Market.  It wants to put ground-level retail in, topped by six floors of offices.  Right now the location is a vacant lot.

The whole thing would be just shy of 80 feet tall.  It’s at least twice the height of any of the other buildings on the surrounding blocks, except for a 12-story building across the street and another seven-story building nearby.  Everything else is one or two-stories tall.  But they’re commercial and industrial buildings, so we don’t expect to see much opposition to this proposal.

Here’s the details and some diagrams of what is proposed:

  • Address: 801 West Fulton Market
  • Maximum height: 79 feet, 11 inches
  • Floors: 7
  • Retail space: 8,278 square feet
  • Office space: 59,447 square feet
  • Parking spaces: 12
  • Loading docks: 1


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